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Yale Hand Chain Hoist Model YaleLift 360

Hand Chain Hoist Model Yalelift 360 Capacities 500 - 20,000 kg

An extremely capable hand chain hoist where operation as well as operator conditions have been improved in trail-blazing fashion, which goes far beyond the classical hand chain hoist.

Yalelift 360 hand chain hoist

Price From £POA


  • All models can be equipped with an overload prevention device.
  • Chain container, special sizes upon request
  • Corrosion and acid resistant load and hand chains


  • Revolutionary 360° rotating hand chain guide
  • New patented brake system
  • Enclosed robust stamped steel housing
  • Hardened load sheave with four precision machined pockets
  • Extremely low headroom

Yalelift 360 Hand Chain Hoists

The Yale hand chain hoist Yalelift 360 combines all the features expected by the user; quality, safety and performance at an economical price.

Extremely low overall height allows optimal use of available headroom. The enclosed, robust steel plate housing means the unit can be used outdoors.

As in all Yale hoist products, only asbestos-free friction discs are used. The surface protected (zinc plated) alloy steel link chain is in accordance with national and international standards and regulations. Original Yale link chains are marked with -Y-.

Safety Under Control By means of the
360° rotating hand chain guide, the user can operate the hoist from all directions
Flexibility The hoist can be operated
safely and efficiently from all positions,
even from the side of the load.
This means greater flexibility of
the working position.
Yalelift 360 in use Yalelift 360 in use

With our innovative new design the Yalelift 360 opens up a new world of safety for the operator. The range of applications as well as the operating conditions have been changed by a revolutionary hand chain guide system. The key to this innovation is our revolutionary 360 degree rotating hand chain guide which allows operation of the hand chain from virtually any position, even in extremely confined areas. The Yalelift 360 can be operated at the side of the load or from any other position including horizontal pulling. The plane between top and bottom hook must always be in a straight line. More flexibility gives greater safety - operators can now work outside of the immediate danger zone reducing the risk of operator injury. The special load brake eliminating the conventional 'ratchet and pawl' mechanism used in other manual hoists, results in less maintenance.

Chain guide The patented Yale brake
system low noise and
reduced wear.
High quality encapsulated
ball bearings and sliding
bushes for smooth and
effortless operation.
Yale chain guide Yale brake Yale load wheel
  • The new patented brake system is extremely quiet and guarantees operational safety and improved serviceability due to omission of the vulnerable ratchet pawls. All parts are made of high quality materials, additionally galvanised or yellow-chromated to increase corrosion prevention.
  • The enclosed robust stamped steel housing protects all internal components even in the toughest conditions.
  • The hardened load sheave with four precision machined pockets ensures accurate movement of the load chain.
  • The extremely low headroom allows maximum use of the lifting height.

Yalelift 360 Technical Data

Capacity (kg) Number of Chain Falls Chain Dimensions
d x p in mm
Hand Chain Overhaul for 1M lift (m) Pull on Hand Chain at WLL daN Net Weight at
std. lift (kg)
500 1 5 x 15 30 21 9
1000 1 6 x 18 49 30 13
2000 1 8 x 24 71 32 20
3000 1 10 x 30 87 38 29
5000 2 10 x 30 174 34 38
10000 3 10 x 30 261 44 71
20000 6 10 x 30 522 2 x 44 196


Yalelift 360 Dimensions

Yalelift 360 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000 20000
A min., mm 300 335 395 520 654 825 1010
B, mm 17 22 30 38 45 68 85
C, mm 24 29 35 40 47 68 64
D, mm 133 156 182 220 220 220 303
E, mm 148 175 203 250 250 383 555
F, mm 139 157 183 204 204 204 250
G, mm 139 164 192 225 242 326 391
H, mm 206 242 283 335 352 436 501
I, mm 24 24 31 34 21 136 -
K, mm 61 70 83 95 95 95 396
L, mm 79 87 100 109 109 109 125
M, mm 110 125 156 178 285 401 471
N, mm 14 19 22 30 37 50 56

Hand chain hoists for lifting, lowering, tensioning and pulling

1877 Linus Yale produced the first spur geared hand chain hoist with incorporated Weston screw and- disc type load break. This principle is still used in nearly all manual hoists.

Our product range starting from our top model Yalelift 360 to our well established VS and its successor VSplus offers you the optimal solution for your application problem!

All parts of the load brake are made of high quality materials and are protected against corrosion. Yale exclusively uses asbestos free friction discs in all their hoists. The surface protected zinc plated alloy steel chains fulfil all the requirements of national and international standards and regulations. In accordance with safety regulations, the chain stops are designed to withstand double the rated capacity to ensure the chain does not unintentionally run free.

The drop forged load and suspension hooks that yield under overload instead of breaking, are made of high tensile steel and are standard for all Yale hoists. The hooks are fitted with robust safety latches and rotate 360°.

Every Yale ratchet lever hoist is factory tested with overload. The units are supplied with a test certificate showing the serial-No. Operating instructions which contain an EC declaration of conformity are also attached to each unit.